What do self-mastery hours entail?

22 Aug 2016

What do self-mastery hours entail?

Self-mastery hours are exactly that, hours that you spend mastering the exercises you have learnt on your course. So hours that you spend practising either on your own or with fellow students, can be noted as such in your logbook without verification.

We recommend that you book a 1-1 session with an educator or mentor at least monthly, to ensure that you are on the right track. You could share the cost with another student. These hours are also classed as self-mastery.

Any classes that you attend at our studio can also be logged as self-mastery hours.

With regard to Self-Mastery, Observation and Apprentice Teaching hours: at least 50% of all hours in each category should be completed within a Polestar Studio or with a Polestar certified practitioner or graduate. If you do not live within an area to have access to a Polestar person, please discuss this with your Polestar educator.

You may also watch videos on Pilates Anytime featuring Brent Anderson, Christi Idaho, Shelly Powers or Sherri Betz and use these either as an observation hour or self-practise hour. Alternatively you could watch them twice and log them as one of each. We also now offer free regular check off session for mat and reformer exercises. See the website continuing education page at polestarlife.com for details and booking.