Chapel Allerton Pilates

Chapel Allerton Pilates

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Chapel Allerton Pilates is a new concept Pilates Studio in the heart of Chapel Allerton. Transporting you away from your busy life and into a chic urban oasis. The fully equipped boutique space is light bright and airy inspiring you to move from the moment you arrive. All the teachers are experts in movement anatomy and physiology. They promote and restore efficient movement and promote health by integrating their expertise with Pilates and other movement methods.

The team at Chapel Allerton Pilates want to get people to move more, move well, live healthily and appreciate the amazing capacity of the body that is entirely unique to them. It is not a quick fix or a fashionable fad but a lifestyle for longevity and full mind and body health.

Chapel Allerton Pilates is a fully equipped, boutique Pilates and Movement studio. It is lead by a team of experts with knowledge of current research into movement physiology and the latest integrated understanding of anatomy.

90 Harrogate Road
Chapel Allerton