Polestar Re-Qualification

Expiring Certifications (Non-PMA certified Polestar graduates)

For non-PMA certified Polestar graduates, in order to remain currently accredited you will need to undertake the following:

  • Comprehensive (Studio/Rehab) graduates: 16 hours of Polestar Advanced training every two years as well as two hours of self-practise and 10 hours teaching each week.
  • Mat/Reformer graduates: 16 hours of Polestar training courses and/or workshops every two years as well as two hours of self-practise and 5 hours teaching each week.

Then all you do is complete the form which can be downloaded from the website and return to us every two years having paid the appropriate renewal fee online here (page 2 of store: £75.00 prior to expiry, £150.00 after expiry). We will then maintain your listing, as a currently accredited Polestar instructor in our “Find an Instructor” search facility.

So please check when your certification expires and before that date make sure you have completed the necessary hours. We aim to run at least two Polestar Advanced training courses each year as well as numerous workshops so there are plenty of opportunities for you to complete the required hours.

Note if you have multiple certifications, these can be renewed on one form, for one fee with the necessary hours recorded once. Just remember to tick all the boxes that apply.



PMA Certified Polestar Graduates

As you may be aware, through Brent Anderson’s involvement, Polestar is now strongly connected with the PMA and encourages all studio and rehabilitation graduates to become members. Once they become PMA certified, all they need to do is to maintain their PMA certification and their Polestar certification will be automatically renewed.

In the UK, the PMA is not yet universally recognised so for us to adopt the same policy unilaterally would be somewhat premature. However, anyone who does decide to become a PMA member will automatically maintain their Polestar qualification provided they keep their PMA certification current. Then all we will ask is that you send us your PMA Certification number (which we will verify on the PMA website) in order to maintain your Polestar accreditation – along with your listing in our “Find an Instructor” search facility. There is no application form to fill out and no fee assessed for comprehensive graduates renewing in this way.